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Corporate and commercial

We advise our clients on both day-to-day corporate and commercial issues as well as complex, often cross-border legal transactions. We are experienced to handle a broad range of corporate and commercial matters.
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Litigation and enforcement proceedings

We regularly represent domestic and international companies from a different industry in their most important, high-profile commercial disputes.
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ESG (Enviromental, social and governance)

The term Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) refers to environmental, social, and governance aspects and is used to represent the corporate financial interests of an organization that primarily focus on sustainable and ethical effects.
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Banking and finance

We advise banks and other financial institutions on a variety of regulatory and compliance issues. We also provide transactional work for our clients, both domestic and cross-border.
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We regularly advise businesses on employment and management contracts, as well as in HR management.
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Real Estate

We have significant expertise in real estate and construction and the inevitable cross over between these two sectors.
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Energy, infrastructure and environmental law

We have valuable and sector specific knowledge and experience in advising on large scale infrastructure and energy projects...
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IP and Data Protection

We advise and guide clients on how to collect, use and storage personal information appropriately and lawfully.
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We advise clients in the field of business compliance, to manage risks arising from non-compliance with legal regulations and internal rules, as well as monitoring risks arising from business relationships.
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Competition and antitrust issues might be often overlooked but actually have a significant influence on clients’ businesses.
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Compensation for Damages

The collection of damages is very common in practice. Harmful actions giving rise to the obligation to compensate for damages occur daily, and compensation is necessary for those who are materially or immaterially harmed.
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About Us

Peulić Law Office is a multidisciplinary law firm with comprehensive knowledge of the judiciary, administration, business, and industrial sectors in its practice. In collaboration with a diverse group of advisors and experts from various fields, the firm is able to provide its clients with excellence in services and innovative legal solutions.

Peulić Law Office offers a wide range of legal services to both domestic and foreign companies, organizations, and individuals. We strive for continuous improvement, aiming for each outcome to surpass the previous one.

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality and efficient legal services in accordance with the needs and interests of our clients. We possess extensive experience in representing and advising international and domestic clients in resolving everyday legal issues, representing them in courts, various administrative bodies, and providing legal support on strategic projects.

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